1. Learn bidding process carefully, read How It Works, FAQs, Terms and Legal sections to understand entire process better
  2. If you are new to online luck draw offers, observe live luck draw offers for some days and understand how other people are bidding and winning
  3. Start participating in lower value products which requires less money to place product.
  4. Place only when you are fully relaxed and not in stress
  5. Set your budget and targeted price, follow it carefully
  6. Most of user place product in last 2-3 seconds, but this strategy not works well in most luck draw offers
  7. Use multiple placing order to continuously to win product.
  8. Keep your mobile silent and remain relaxed, ensure no one disturbs you when you are bidding
  9. Keep enough moneys balance before luck draw offer goes live
  10. Wait and watch if too many competitors are bidding, start bidding when competition level decreases
  11. Use multi bid feature , if your internet connection is slow keep patience’s